Alice Pomiato

I’m Alice, 27 years old. Born not too far from Venice, adopted by the world.

I am a positive thinker and my right brain controls my everyday life. That’s why I am passionate about innovation, creativity and I love to travel, of course!


Why this blog?

For the sake of being a storyteller and sharing stories that are not in the guidebooks, with you, my fellow wanderlusters!

Far from package trips and expensive tours, enjoing our own travel adventures, seeing the world on our terms and budget.

And also, to provide a record for myself and scratch my writing itch.

My keyword: re-invent, continuously.

Things that I love the most: taking planes, culture shocks, match with different languages and people… oh, very, very amazing people!

 So, I assure you that there’s no place for boredom here, it terrifies me.


Ready to start?

I want to fill the eyes of all that’s out there, reminding myselfthat temperature, barriers and troubles are in my mind more than outside my door.

Still not convinced? Enjoy my shots on Instagram! go_downtown with me!